Hi Nicole, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has received her cake and she loves it! She also likes the taste (she is a very tough critic when it comes to many things, especially food)! She sent me pictures of it and you did a wonderful job! I simply love it! I just wanted to say thank you again, I appreciate everything very much!! Thank you!
-Karen T.

I was at the Candy Land Christmas tonight. My nephew won a cake in the cake walk. When we got out to the truck I had asked what kind. Of course when his mom told me that it was the "Andes Flavor" I had to sample it since Andes Mints are my FAVORITE. I wanted to let you know that I LOVED your cake. Best cake flavor I have ever had. Now I know where to go when I need a cake. You do a fantastic job. Moist, flavor look the works. Really enjoyed it.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Ruby Red Velvet cake that I won on the cake walk at the Candyland Christmas at Green Rridge Rec Center. It was fabulous, my entire family enjoyed the cake. After looking over your site, I realized you must of provided all of the tasty delights at the event... trust me, whenever I need anything special you will be my first call. Thanks for sharing your talent and Merry Christmas !
-Theresa W.

The Harley groom's cake was a hit. The photographer said it was the nicest groom's cake she's seen. The groom wouldn't cut it at the reception - he said it was a work of art. They did decide to keep it for their first anniversary but when they got home, cut it and gave us some of it. My son couldn't watch his work of art get sliced, but I'm glad they did - it tasted great!
Thank you for doing such a great job.
-Pamela K.

I absolutely cannot thank you enough for your hard work on Hunter's cake!!! It was a complete and total smash hit!!! Everyone around(and just folks passing by) just wanted to get a look at such a piece of art. Not only was it beautiful, it was absolutely delicious!!! Everyone was raving, especially about the cookies and cream! Thank you for all your help and cooperation through these months of planning. His birthday was a total hit and the cake was its second star!
-Samantha C.

Nicole is so very talented at what she does! She worked with me and made my daughter's 1st birthday perfect! The cake she made for my daughter Farrah was so Yummy and fitted her princess themed party. Everyone was asking "who made this cake" everyone wanted her number. I will recommend anyone to her and will be going to her for many more cakes in the future! Nicole we cant Thank You Enough!
-Leigh Ann F.

Hello Nicole! I just want to tell you "Thank You" so very much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding cake and cupcakes. They were one of the favorite highlights of our day. You made them perfect :) Guest absolutely loved the rainbow cake and the candy bar!! Take Care and You will hear from us again for our future events!
-Charisse and Stanford H.

Just a note of thanks for the beautiful and delicious cake you made for my daughter's wedding. You did a wonderful job and we are grateful for your willingness to come to our rescue on such short notice.I will highly recommend you to anyone needing a cake in the future.Thanks again!
-Sharon A.

I just wanted to let you know that the cake was beautiful and absolutely delicious! We got tons of compliments and even the manager at the country club stated that they have seen a lot of cakes, but this one was the best! You did a great job with the roses on the top, they were gorgeous! Justin also loved his groomsman cake, it was really cute and the flavor was great! Thank you again,
-Alina L.

Wow Nicole. The wedding cake and cookies were fabulous! Rave reviews from everyone. I had maybe 6 pieces of cake left to take home. Some people had a piece of each layer. Unbelievable. I didn't even get to taste a cookie. They loved them!
-Karen L.

Hi! The cake and cupcakes looked and tasted fabulous! Thank you.
-Rachele N.

Thanks so much for your time yesterday. I lovvvveedd the cake. Thank goodness I cut the pieces in half with Tyler. I ate more last night and finished the remainder off for lunch. I have to tell you...I think it was even better today.
-Karen L.

Thank you so much for your help! We loved your cakes and are very excited about what we have chosen.
-Jessica R.

Just got the call!!! She's completely surprised and said that the cake is "beautiful"!!! She loved it!!! I pulled this off with your help!!! Thank you so very much Nicole!!! She is just blown away!!! She said that they called and said that there was a delivery at the front desk and when she went down there she was expecting flowers or doughnuts or something. Wasn't expecting a birthday cake!!!! Wonderful, wonderful job!!!!!! Thank you again and again!!!!
-Brad W.

I just wanted to thank you again for the AMAZING cake!!!!! It not only was absolutely gorgeous but was so delicious too!! Thanks so much for making the shower so special for us!!
-Mary D.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on our New Year's Day event. Your desserts were a real treat! Everyone loved them and loads of people asked who made them. We gave each of them your pamphlet and business card.
-Luona B.

Thank you! This looks wonderful. Truly you are gifted in what you do. Just a quick note to say thank you again! The cake was a success! Jacque loved it and everyone was talking about how beautiful and delicious it was.
-John A.

Thank you so much for the beautiful cake! It was a HIT and VERY yummy! I put pictures on facebook and had several positive comments and interest in knowing who made the cake. I will give you name out whenever I can. Thanks again and have a GREAT week!
-Robin A.

Thank you so much!!!! Its beautiful!!!
-Stephanie H.

Thank you so much Nicole the cake was sooo good, everyone loved it. I think my sister-in-law may contact you to do a cake for her son's b-day.
-Tanya W.

Nicole, Sam loves the cake and cupcakes! They are delicious! Thank you.
-Irene L.

"Thank you so much for, once again, making the cake process so easy and effortless!!! Two very important days, two very important cakes, and you delivered above and beyond what anyone expected!! Thank you so much!! I'm trying to figure out an excuse to get a cake from you every year!!"
-Nickie M.

"Your cakes are so pretty and make me want to eat some."
-Barbra Z.

"I can't wait to look up my local birthdays!"
-Tammy W.

"WOW, Nicole, this is great!"
-Javon B.

-John S.

"These are great!"
-Blair M.

"Absolutely beautiful!"
-Gail G.

"Damn you're good!"
-Linda M.

"Natural talent! You're blessed!"
-Michele C.

"WOW, these things look awesome! Keep up the good work!"
-Travis G.

"wow...I am amazed...I had no idea cakes could be this fun. I'm getting married in November...I'll be contacting you for sure, Nicole!"
-Jill C.

"I've been checking out the pictures and I am very impressed! Now I know who to call for my next event that requires a cake!"
-Lauren D.

"Your designs are awesome!"
-Amanda D.

"UT Prosim Society Cake"
"Cool cake!"
-Jennifer S.

"Love it! That is awesome!"
-Michelle S.

"You are amazing with those cakes"
-Josh H.

"FUN! I love your design sense!"
-Megan C.

-Heather M.

"You are so talented!! What a blessing! This cake makes me happy just looking at it!"
-Abby C.


"Absolutely...amazingly delicious!!!! Olivia loved it!!!!"
-Michelle D.

"This was for my baby shower! It was sooooo amazing!"
-Kelli M.


"I want this for my birthday cake! Love it"
-Tonya H.

"WOW!! I love it!! Great job!"
-Gail G.


"I really like this alot!"
-Gail G.

"Her cake turned out so cute!"
-Amy T.


-Liz B.


"this cake is gorgeous! great job!"
-Amy T.


"Chocolate Drizzle"
"Great idea, looks wonderful!"
-Gail G.

-Sharon K.


"That Looks AWESOME!!!!!!! I love the froggy!"
-Michelle S.

"this cake is very special ..."
-Antonia C.

"gosh.. makes me hungry..."
-Clifton C.

"I'll take one! Yum!"
-Terra J.


"Mmmm...turtle cake sounds so yummy! And looks very pretty too :)"
-Laura L.


-Barbra Z.


-Amanda D.


"Sooo cute!!"
-Liz B.


"so cute"
-Barbra Z.


"Gasp! Adorable!"
-Beth W.


"Cinnamon Roll" mini cupcakes
"Heaven" mini cupcakes
"The cinnamon roll cupcakes there were AMAZING! I think they sold me on using you to make my wedding cake in July of 2011!"
-Danielle K.

"Mmmm....these were the best!"
-Katie H.


"Skull & Bones"
"I had this one for my baby shower! lovely and tasty!"
-Mel S.


"Let's Hear It For IVF"
"LMAO! I Love, Love, Love this!"
-Jill C.


"That cake is so cool!"
-Amy T.

"Love that Cake"
-Brian M.


"I just wanted to thank you again for the cake. It was fabulous. Everyone loves it and it tasted great."
-Christy L.


"Nicole, the cake was a huge success! It was so yummy. Thank you soooo much!"
-Rachel M.


"The cake was a big hit. We took the flowers off and Mom wants to preserve them. My niece and I both watch all the cake shows and she was telling everyone how it is done on TV. She was quite impressed. I served 6 pieces and still had a little over half the cake left. Thank you again."
-Jeanne Y.

"Lovely nicole! this one is for my grandma! thank you so much! "
-Katie Y.


"You are so talented. :)"
-Mechelle P.

"That is so awesome!"
-Angie S.


"Raspbery Delight"
"First of all YUM and also how pretty!"
-Barbra Z.


"Lindsay & Will"
"This is a "neat" cake!!"
-Anne H.

"That's beautiful. Bet it was yummy too."
-Katie C.

-Meredith B.

"Neat cake. Intersting choice for a wedding cake, but very original. The layer flavors sound super yummy! Great Job!"
-Karen W.

"Beautiful :)"
-Jill C.


-Barbra Z.


"that is making me sooooo hungry"
-Amanda S.


"This is a kick ass cake! Prolly the coolest wedding cake I've ever seen!"
-Jill C.

"You are AWESOME girl!!!"
-Michelle S.

"this is so cool. you're so talented. :)"
-Cristal W.

"We loved our cake!!! Thank you so much for helping us bring our odd little vision to life!! :) It could not have been yummier and I can't wait to cash in my anniversary coupon!"
-Nickie M.


"Last Night Out"
"Toooo cool!"
-Beth-Ann L.


"Thats beautiful"
-Elizabeth P.

"GREAT cake!!"
-Gail G.


"My family was super-impressed with my birthday cake! Sister-in-law and I felt sophisticated because we had to explain fondant (we love us some cake reality shows). :) Looking forward to a piece of red velvet tonight!"
-Jessica S.


"Sombrero Cake"
"This was the BEST carrot cake I've EVER had =) It was so moist!!! Mmmmmm..."
-Beth-Ann L.


"FANTASTIC job!!!"
-Gail G.

"Wow! That is an awesome cake."
-Barbra Z.

"this is amazing ! i love it ! ♥it"
-Cristal W.

"Thanks for the yummy cake! It was a hit!"
-Angie S.


"sounds yummy and looks amazing.."
-Jessica M.

"Your cakes are amazing Nicole"
-Emma M.

"I love this :)"
-Beth-Ann. L.

"This is beautiful"
-Rebecca D.

"Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for making this cake for us. It looked and tasted amazing. It was too beautiful to cut! It took us several hours to finally do it ahah, and then we cut all around the bird until it was the last piece standing."
-Shane R.


"Laken & Brack"
"Wow Nicole! Cake Boss of TLC has competion. : )"
-Rachel M.

"that is absolutely gorgeous"
-Amy T.


"Yay! That's our cake! It was sooooo delicious and special! Thanks again for making it for us. :)"
"Definitely the best cake i've ever had!"
-Kenton & Jessica S.


-Beth-Ann L.


"Smash Cake For Twin Girls"
"Sesame Street Guest Cake"
"Hey Nicole, I wanted to say thank you for the cakes! They were a HUGE hit! Everyone raved over the chocolate with raspberry! I even broke my diet to try it and it was awesome! You are very talented! I will definitely use your services in the future! Thank you"
-Ranessa G.


"This is totally retro-rocking!"
-Kim W.


"Thank you sooo much! He absolutely loved it!"
-Selina H.


"Absolutely beautiful, Nicole!"
-Kerri B.

"This was my wedding cake :0) We had raspberry filling in it and it was wonderful!!!"
-Jamie A.


"Motorcycle Groom's Cake"
"This was the grooms cake for my husband. The image is very close to what his bike looks like. This was the BEST carrot cake ever! Thank you Nicole for the wonderful job!"
-Jamie A.


"After contacting several people who told me they could not make my wedding cake in just two months I found Nicole at A Slice of Heaven, LLC. She was very friendly and willing to create my wedding cake on VERY short notice. We ordered a three-tier white fondant cake to feed 75 people. I told Nicole I wanted something that wasn't exactly traditional - so no red velvet or anything of that nature - I wanted my guests to say my cake was something they'd never had before. She was very helpful and sent me a list of different flavors that she had invented and could make. We chose three to try and met with her to taste them. She had made us three tiny wedding cakes! She decorated them to look just like our wedding cakes would look - so we could see and taste them. All three were absolutely delicious and any of them would've been amazing. We tried Strawberry Lemonade - Orange Chocolate - and Neapolitan. The Neapolitan was AMAZING - the homemade marshmallow fondant was the best I'd ever had! We quickly made our choice and settled on the Neapolitan. The day of our wedding Nicole was not only on time - she was a little early. The cake looked very similar to the picture I had shown her as what I wanted - it wasn't exact - but it was close enough that I was very happy and it tasted so good that no one cared at all what it looked like. Overall I'm very happy with our choice to go with A Slice of Heaven and would certainly buy from her again - we got a coupon for a small tier of our wedding cake on our one year anniversary and cannot wait to eat this yummy cake again - if we can't wait that long we're considering ordering some birthday cakes from her around December."
-Ali23453 on projectwedding.com